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About us:

“The key to this business is personal relationships. ” // Dickie Fox

Martin Ballard, MA MCM, Dip SCM

       *Social   *Website   *Events   *Retail Expertise 

Here at Red Cape we pride ourselves on our relationship with the customers - there's a great saying in business (other than the one above from Jerry Maguire's mentor Dicky Fox!) that 'you only do business with people you want to do business with' and it's true - pricing is always a major factor,but you've got to be able to work with the other person... and that's our strong point!

We've been running social media accounts for Shopping Centres since Adam (Mark Zuckerberg) was a lad, and holding events on malls since the turn of the Millennium - we know how to build your customer base and we'll help you to hit your targets.

We've the latest tech to keep your social presence on top of it's game, and the personality to communicate with you, your tenants and their HQ's to make sure we are marketing exactly what is needed.

Our events are ran by our own teams of DBS checked staff, with the biggest and best props in the business - need a giant Dinosaur? Say no more... need 25 models for a fashion show? We've got that covered...


Drop us a line and we'll show you what we can do over a coffee - not every aspect of our business is virtual... We like coffee it keeps us running! 

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