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Alice In Wonderland

Whether it's a garden full of giant flowers you need, or toadstool houses, giant stopwatches or quirky 'stick your head through' photo ops... we've got them all and our Mad Hatter's Table can read anything you need it to or simply come with our 'wonderland' text.

This theme never goes out of fashion, and thanks to Tim Burton's take on it, it's a prominent in the children's thoughts as ever... So if your marketing manager is struggling with ideas, no need to shout 'Off with their head!' - just give us a call, I'm sure we can help and we are never late!


                                                                                            We've got lots of examples below, but if you've   

                                                                                            got 5 minutes, click on the video and enjoy the

                                                                                            team doing what they do best in Affinity


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