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This is a section where Red Cape come into our own and are often untouchable by other marketing companies.

We not only put on the events in shopping centres, town centre and some of the biggest comic conventions in the country but we also build our own props... so if there's something you're after and it's not in the list of things we display, just shout up - we can have it drawn up, priced up and produced... and because of our portfolio of customers who will want to use it, you won't pay the price for being the first to ask for it - in fact you may get it cheaper than the next person as you're the one inspiring us to build it.

We've a team of experience prop builders and in the coming months now we've acquired a large warehouse and workshop property we will be working closely with the local college to help bring on a future level of prop builders.

And the best bit... when the likes of Flash Gordon & Dale Arden themselves like your work so much, they ask to sign it! #LifeGoalExceeded

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