2019 has been 'The Year of The Dinosaur!' but we're ready for 2020 to be even more #ROARSOME!

We saw it in 2015 when Jurassic World came out when our Jurassic Adventures brand toured shopping centres around the country - Back then, we had just Rex and a bunch of workshops for the children to create things... In 4 years, we've invested heavily and now have Jurassic Park gates, fencing, a Giant Dino head, the Gyrosphere from Jurassic World, Stand in Giant Eggs for photo ops, caged dinos and much more.. If you need ANYTHING dino, ask us - if it's not shown here, we may be building it as we're on with something huge to be revealed very soon...


If you want to hire props, or put on workshops in your shopping centre, comic-convention or any other venue, drop us a line as our keystage 1&2 workshops and shows are very popular and great footfall drivers. 

Quiet Bob our 4m animatronic T-Rex
Rex entertaining in Wakefield!
Trinity Walk goes back in time!
Careful where you walk!
Giant Lettering
Giant Dino Eggs
Two available - 1 stand in photo op, 1 with a rotating dino head and open top egg.
Electric fencing with dino breakout
Jurassic Park Gates
Electric Fencing
Jurassic Park gates & fencing
Jurassic Park gates
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