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Why it’s important to secure a shopping centre’s Xmas display - or have good CCTV coverage!

A shopping centre in the Isle of Man has been forced to put out an apology for offending parents with this year’s Christmas display - but it wasn’t the way it was set up, we think the naughty elves had something to do with it! The polar bears in the interactive scene were moved into a position that was perhaps a little ‘too interactive!’ The shopping centre has since rearranged the two polar bears, and put out a statement on their Facebook explaining that the models had been rearranged into the suggestive pose without permission. On their social media, Tynwald Mills wrote: “We’d like to thank our customers for getting a little too into Christmas this year with our Polar Bears in the atrium and can reassure you the display has changed somewhat since setup. “Apologies to anybody offended by our somewhat interactive display.  #nightattheshoppingcentre #naughtybear.” It’s not all bad news as it got them over 700 likes and no doubt a lot of attention with an increase in inquisitive footfall! 

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