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Need a #roarsome install for you mall?

Theming a mall is a great way to freshen up the centre for your visitors and with points of difference introduced such as workshops, character visits and other activities, it's a great way to give people a reason to come back and see you again.

With people looking for ways to shop that adds an unique experience to their day, this is a sure fire way of fighting back against the internet - there's no way you'd get a dinosaur popping up in your living room whilst ordering from an app! Just as you cannot compete with being able to touch, feel and try on products in the real world... It's a great way to fight back against the world wide web!

Dinosaurs and all things Jurassic is one section of our themes but with a 4,000 sq foot warehouse and a team of professional prop builders, the options are limitless as to what our team can build for your unique event in 2019.

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