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Geek suddenly gets popular - Comic Con is the future!

We've been holding comic-cons in vacant units, town centres, malls and more for over 6 years and it's becoming more and more popular.

In 2013 there was around 30 comic-cons taking place across the UK, in 2019 there is over 70 already scheduled and still demand is growing.

It's a great way to animate big spaces and vacant units as well as guaranteeing a big following of parents, children, families and more that are more than happy to spend with local retailers.

The normal formula for holding a comic-con is to charge people to come into the building, but holding a free one within a shopping centre brings families with spare cash in their pockets to feed the family at your food establishments as well as encouraging your retailers to theme their stock for the day - they'll soon see that they will make a killing from superhero mad shoppers...

We used to be called GEEKS back in the day, but thanks to the surge in popularity of the Marvel and DC films, as well as a reinvention of the Star Wars saga among other films, Geek suddenly became cool!

If you want an experienced event company to bring to you THE most popular film props, vehicles, movie scenes and actors to make your shopping centre the destination for the weekend, we're more than up for the challenge! By the power of Geeksville!

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