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Halton Comic-Con... The Return, and the return of events post Covid!

What an experience the past 18 months has been - since performing our last event in Jersey at the end of January 2020 we've put our feet up for the first time in a decade or so and twiddled our thumbs... not entirely true.

We've spent a year building new props, converting our old conservatory into a bar and built an outdoor hot tub as well as lots of other things - for when house parties are allowed again (a small hint of sarcasm installed there.) We've also been working with NHS bringing in PPE and creating branded facemasks for various local companies as well as our own football range.

Then when the shackles were off, Runcorn Shopping City allowed us to bring Halton Comic-Con 2 to life... and boy did we do that! It was a great two day event, held safely but with the most fun packed into it that anyone has seen for over a year!

Now that events are back in 2021, and the diary is open for 2022 lets see what happens in the near future.

As Lex says... 'The Red Capes are coming... The Red Capes are coming!'

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