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Welcome to SnowDomia!

Our giant Snow Dome has delighted shoppers from Stoke through to Doncaster, Halifax and beyond already, and it could be on the way to your shopping centre...

The basic dome can be themed with props, backdrops and characters to provide a totally unique experience for your visitors - in 2017, across 4 Saturdays on the run up to Christmas we had over 1500 families in the Dome all who left with the clients point of promotion advert which will have been displayed in their home right through Christmas & beyond.

We have public liability insurance for £10m, and provide several types of service dependant on budget:

1. Fully managed free service for your shoppers - They come along and get a free framed photo to take home where you can advertise your services/events/comms in it.

2. Fully managed free service for your shoppers without printed photos - Done with selfies / customers own phones

3. Fully managed chargeable service - This costs nothing for you to have, but customers are charged for the use of the dome and all printed material has our/other marketing material on

Options for you to cover cost of these by selling the advertising space also.

These really do go down well, especially as free gifts to shoppers.

Photos are put in to folded frames (like you used to get your school photos in...)

This give a  printable area on the front and inside of 10cm x 15cm for your artwork - example of this shown to the left and below.

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