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Welcome to The Wampa Cave!

One of the most memorable starts to a Star Wars movie, the famous Wampa Cave Scene at the start of Empire Strikes Back sees Luke Skywalker waking up facing almost certain death only to use the powers of the force to reach the lightsabre to attack the Wampa with and escape.

You can now recreate that scene without the need of a risk assessment for hanging kids from the ceiling of an ice cave... Hire these iconic scene and we'll take care of the photography giving your visitors a printed picture in a frame to take home & a feeling of being in one of the biggest films of the 1980's!

Options for you to cover cost of these by selling the advertising space also.

These really do go down well, especially as free gifts to shoppers.

Photos are put in to folded frames (like you used to get your school photos in...)

This give a  printable area on the front and inside of 10cm x 15cm for your artwork - example of this shown to the left and below.

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